A speech on Corruption..

Good Morning! Today I am feeling much honoured that I have got a golden opportunity to speak before you. Our country is undergoing many critical phases today by facing many problems. One of them is corruption on which I would like to highlight upon.
As we know that corruption is today a worldwide phenomenon. It is the most virulent when crises everywhere threaten the very existence of the society and the faith in life is shaken. It has always been there like a tie leech, but when the system goes weaker and the boat flounders, it gets bolder and drains its victims of the last drops of their world.
The older the system the weaker it grows and fails to solve the riddles of the life that grows more complex every day. So men lose faith in it and let it drift down. At this point the corruption takes over and plunges the entire the society.
Usually corruption is perpetuated only when it is goes unchecked. If we look for the causes of corruption we may note certain important factors.
Now there is a need to make fresh attempts to deal the situation effectively. The steps should be taken to correct the situation overall. For instance, disposal of work including applications and complaints etc. should be taken within specified time limit.
But this could be done only when there is a strong and resolute will on the part of the government. Not only government but we all should join our hand and take pledge to make India and world corruption free.
Thank you all audience and friends for listening to my views.

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