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Friday, 14 March 2014

Apps for Women's Safety

The status of women has been subject to many great changes over the past few millennia. Violence against women is increasing day by day and some android applications have been developed for their safety. Here, I am providing you the detailed information of some useful applications 

1.Circle Of 6


With Circle of 6, you can connect with your friends to stay close, stay safe and prevent violence before it happens.

The Circle of 6 app for iPhone and Android makes it quick and easy to reach the 6 friends you choose.

Need help getting home? Need an interruption? Two touches lets your circle know where you are and how they can help.

Icons represent actions; so that no one can tell what you’re up to.

Designed for college students, it’s fast, easy-to-use and private.

It’s the mobile way to look out for your friends, on campus or when you’re out for the night.

>>What it does

You're out late and you lose track of your friends. Use Circle of 6 to send your circle a “come and get me” message- with a map using GPS to show your precise location.

You're on a date that starts to get uncomfortable. You need a polite way to excuse yourself. Use Circle of 6 to alert your circle to call you and interrupt the situation.

You're seeing someone new, but you have some doubts about how things are going. Use Circle of 6 to access a wealth of online information about healthy relationships.

In critical situations, use Circle of 6 to call two pre-programmed national hotlines or a local emergency number of your choice.


This app is made by a software company of Pune. An app that gives you an opportunity to become a Socially Responsible Citizen of India. This app provides you the facility to call the emergency helpline numbers when needed. If you want help, then press the ‘Nirbhaya’ button given in this app and the message will be sent to the contact group that you have created. It also gives the information of your location.

3.Life360 Family Locator

More than an app, it notifies close and dear ones about the trouble. It provides useful information; for instance, about the criminals in the neighbourhood, tracking the most visited locations and so on. It also keeps connected with the family members on a daily basis and with the aid of GPS, it informs others about the exact location though messages, calls and emails with the press of a button. Its usage can be beyond safety issues. The app is available for free and can be used in iPhone, Android and Blackberry phones.

4.b Safe


bSafe is a personal safety app designed to keep you and your friends safer 24/7. It’s packed with features for both everyday safety and real emergencies, making it the ultimate safety tool for you and everyone you love. bSafe puts safety in YOUR hand - for FREE! Set up your own personal social safety network today.

Have you ever felt unsafe when walking alone at night, or jogging on a running trail? Have you ever needed an excuse to get out of a bad date or long meeting, or simply been looking for an easier way to hook up with your closest friends? Have you ever worried about how you actually would get help in case of an emergency?

>>bSafe can help in all situations:

• Set up your own social personal safety network of friends, family and coworkers
• Share locations to find each other more easily (optional)
• Ask friends to walk you home with Follow Me’s live GPS trace, or help friends stay safer by walking them home from wherever you are
• Use Timer Mode to program an automatic alarm that will trigger if you have not checked in in time
• Use I’m Here to tell selected people where you are right now
• Use Fake Call to make the phone ring when you want it to. You can even define who the call should be from
• And in case you are ever in trouble, the Guardian Alert button will immediately notify your friends and family members that you need help, and let them know where you are (GPS) and what’s happening (video). It will even set off a siren (optional)

5.SOS Whistle

>> Introduction

This app play a whistle sound in a high volume. If your phone is at silent mode and you are in any hurdle, even then whistle sound will be played.
The whistle sound is played when a button given in this app is pressed. It will stop if you press the button again. 

6.Vith U


“Vith U App” can help you in any emergency or danger. This app was introduced by Channel V and Gumrah Team. Vith U app is just an awesome app, not for girls but it is helpful for everyone.

>>How To Use

First of all download this app, now open this app and add your few contacts on it, generally your guardians, brother or close friends. Now whenever you found yourself in trouble, just open the Vith U App and click on activate button twice. After tapping activate button, this app automatically start sending out alert messages to all the contacts you saved into this app. And this automated alert message states: “I am in danger. I need help. Please follow my location.” This automated message gets delivered to the all contacts you saved in this app along with the link of your current location. This automated message keeps delivering again and again after the gap of 2 minutes.


It is a personal safety application designed for women which connects with all of the safety network connections. It differs from the other apps as it places phone calls to those listed contacts along with the name, real-time location and the type of emergencies- “Stroke” or “Walking Home Alone” and also enables to identify different locations. It has a profile page where the user can includes personal information like birth date, eye’ hair color, weight, height, blood type and so on. The subscribed version enables responders to connect to conference calls. The paid version includes tracking of real-time location. It is available for iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7 phones.


FightBack, developed by the Mahindra group firm, is an application that ensures women safety as it works across various range of phones. Earlier, the application was charged as per the usage, but recently after the Delhi gang rape case, the company has started giving free access to the app. It uses GPS, GPRS, SMS, emails and even Facebook to inform friends in need of help. It also shows location on Google Maps and sends SOS emergency text messages to close and dear ones. The app is available for Android and Nokia phones and for phones which support Java apps.


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