The Giant Planet - ' Jupiter'

  • Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun.

  • Jupiter takes 11.86 earth years to complete on orbit.

  • Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system. Its diameter is 142,800 km.

  • The weight of Jupiter is 2 times the total weight of all the other planets of the solar system taken together.

  • Jupiter is so big that 13,000 Earths could fit in within its diameter.

  • Despite its massive size, Jupiter is 318 times heavier than earth because of its density.

  • Due to its greater mass, Jupiter’s gravitational pull is 2.65 times that of the earth.

  • A day on Jupiter is just 9 hours and 50 minutes long, making it the shortest day in the solar system.

  • Compared to year of 365 days on the Earth, a year on Jupiter lasts almost 10,400 days.

  • Jupiter’s magnetic field is almost 20,000 times stronger than the Earth.

  • 32 of Jupiter’s 40 moons are less than 50 km across.

  • No spacecraft can ever land on the Jupiter because this planet has no solid surface.

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